Not Another Mask Post!

An Effective Mask Only Allows Airflow THROUGH the Material

We encourage our patients to wear their surgical and N95 (or equivalent) without any gapping at the nose or sides.

Self-Testing for a Safe Mask Fit

Do the SNIFF test — If you can smell coffee or smoke your mask is allowing airflow in from the sides, rendering it less effective

Do the PUFF TEST — if you blow in and out strongly does your mask puff in and out? Or do you feel a breeze on your cheeks and eyes?

Do your glasses fog up?

Facial hair will prevent a good seal.

Wearing a surgical mask? Try the following hacks to fit it better:

  1. Loop 3 elastics together and loop the outer ones around your ears. Fit the middle one around your nose and chin to increase the seal of the mask
  2. Tie the side loops tight against the mask and tuck in the sides
  3. Tape the bridge of the nose with medical tape or BandAid