Fitting my mask (see photos)

Gaps in our masks allow for virus entry. We often see these gaps around the nose and cheeks.

The other problem we notice is masks slipping down the face because they aren’t fanned out properly.

This puts you and your practitioner at risk, especially with the more contagious variants!

Imagine dust particles (motes) floating in the sunshine and that’s how the virus is suspended in the air.

We want all of our breath to be THROUGH the mask, not out the gaps.

Try the PUFF TEST to see if your mask balloons out or if you feel air flowing into your eyes or cheeks. The mask needs to puff out!

Guess What? We’re Reopening Our Doors on June 1!

Here’s some information on what to expect since you last saw us. As always, safety is our top priority!

CoVid-19 and Clinic Offerings

As many of you are aware, we had to make the difficult, but critical decision to close our doors, starting on Tuesday morning. We did this out of an abundance of caution, and based on what our colleges and associations were starting to recommend at that time.

We realize that this is having a profound impact on your pain, range of motion, stress levels and progress.

With that in mind, we are offering critical/urgent care for those in need!

You will need to email the clinic at or leave a voicemail 905-855-8372. When we contact you our staff will screen you for any exposure to, or symptoms of the novel corona virus.

If you have travelled outside of Canada in the past few weeks, you should be quarantining for 14 days, and then practicing social distancing afterwards.

If you suspect that you have been exposed to the virus, remember that this isn’t about your individual immunity. You will most likely survive this and recover quickly. Your elderly grandmother, or immunocompromised neighbour who has had cancer treatments might not!

We can do this together, and flatten the curve!

ALSO: Our practitioners are happy to email or call you in response to your questions and concerns


Here is something to distract you from the news: